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(Tulisan 2) 7 Animals That Have Age World's Longest

7 Animals That Have Age World's Longest

Did you know that there is a turtle that lives to this day are estimated birth 50 years ago. There are also whales that swim in the ocean for 200 years. Yes it's all there and the animals that live on this earth. Here are 7 animals that have aged the longest in the world.
1. Kura - Kura
Turtle considered a vertebrate animal with an average lifespan of the longest on earth. One of the oldest of them is Harriet, a tortoise from the Galapagos archipelago, who died of heart failure at the age of 175 years in June 2006 at a zoo owned by Steve Irwin. Harriet is considered as one of the last of that epic journey Darwin on HMS Beagle. and an Aldabra giant tortoise named Adwaita also dead last at the age of 250 in March 2006.
2. Ocean Quahog clams
Ocean Quahog clam shellfish species that are commercially exploited. Researchers predict age can usually be seen from these shells that contained a dark color on the shells, such as a tree has a ring. Some specimens collected is estimated to have more than 400 years old and still alive in the state.
3. Shells Geoducks
Geoducks is is a large sea shells from Puget Sound and has lived for at least 160 years. characteristics of these creatures between having a long neck or called with chiffon, and a length of more than one meter.
4. Tube worms
Colorful sea creatures named tubeworms, vent habitats along the base of hydrocarbons in the sea. This creature is expected to live to 170 years, but some scientists believe there may be some who survived for more than 250 years.
5. Red Sea Urchin
Red Sea urchins are found only in the Pacific, especially along the west coast of North America. habitat in shallow water, sometimes rocky, from the shoreline to 25 meters from the beach, this beast crawl along the ocean floor using their spines as feet. Some specimens may live for more than 200 years.
6. Tuataras
Species of tuataras is one of the Komodo dragon living apart from about 200 million years ago. They are also among the longest-lived vertebrates on Earth, with some of them have over the years between 100 and 200 man years.
7. Koi Fish
Koi fish is as we know is a beautiful ornamental fish. They are generally found in artificial rock pools and ornamental ponds. Surprisingly, some of these varieties are able to live more than 200 years. and the most famous is the koi fish named "Hanako" from Japan, but unfortunately the fish was dead at the age of 226 on July 7, 1977. even so "hanako" is one of the koi fish is unusual because it has a very long life.

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