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(Tulisan 3) The most powerful 10 zoo animals on earth based on their respective advantages

This is the most powerful 10 zoo animals on earth based on their respective advantages.

10.Kambing Mount

They can survive in a very high without the disease, they can survive at an altitude of 15,000 feet without the disease. they are among 4 legged animals in the high areas.
9. Polar Bear

They are able to survive in very cold areas, the polar bears can live and survive in the very cold winter. they are among 4 legged animals in cold areas.8. Petrel

They are able to live around the sea, to eat their usual hunting of fish in the sea. they are the only animals able to survive crashing into the water at high speed that is 90 to 120km per hour.7. Camel
They can survive in an area that is very hot and barren which is rarely found in drinking water. they are able to survive without water for 8 days. Camels are the most resilient animals between 4-legged animals to live in an arid area.6. Emperor Penguin
They are able to survive in extreme winter temperatures. They can survive in temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius though. and they are also able to withstand the cold winds at a speed of 100 - 140km/jam.5. Rat
They have a very flexible body bones. they can survive after falling from a high place. like falling off a 2 story building. Unlike other animals, they are hard to kill with poison, because they are immune to poison.4. Cockroaches
They can live even if exposed to high doses of radiation or toxins. even they still can survive for 9 days though his head had been separated from his body, they die not because of the pain it caused starvation.3. Giant worms Cylinder
They can survive thousands of feet below the water, although the water was filled with toxic waste. they also can survive in freezing water. and also can live in boiling water.2. Weta
They can survive after being frozen for months, they can survive after losing 99% of the water from their bodies when they freeze, when they freeze the heart rate and also immediately stop their brains.1. Water bears
They can survive 1000x fold to radiation than other animals and humans, even they can live at a temperature of minus 272 degrees Celsius and the temperature too hot as 151 degrees Celsius. not only that, even the animals can survive long periods without water, and are also able to live in space vacuum for 10 days.

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