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(Tulisan 5) 10 World's most unique house

10 World's most unique house

The house is the residence of every person, wherever and whenever the house is the most perfect place to relax with loved ones. House with nice interior design is amazing, but what happens if we look at the unique version that never existed in the world? . Some people choose the home as a place of residence, though unique but still able to make us feel comfortable in it. Here are 10 unique home is:

1.Rumah reverse

I think this house is truly unique, then the house is worth is dubbed as a unique home that never existed, sepitas Mersa we see makes us dizzy because of the house upside down. The house is located in Szymbark, Poland kononya describe the concept, the current communist era.

2.Rumah Bubble

There-there is only the name of this appellation, rumhah does look like bubbles, located in Cannes, France. This home is as unique as the design of architect Antti Lovag.

3.Rumah Shoes

Look very similar to the concept of building shoe, this house has a large enough size located in Hellam, Pennsylvania, USA. The house reportedly was once the ice storage and akhrnya now used as museums.

4.Rumah Mushrooms

The house is very similar to the yeast plant, this house is made of wood-based tree. Letakya in Cicinnati. The uniqueness of this house was not separated from design draft Terry Brown, a professor who had been going out for an architect for many years.

Walking 5.Rumah

If you want to move where cheating does not hurt that the concept of this house, this house is 10 feet stinggi powered by solar and wind energy. The idea of ​​making this house in order to save the citizens from floods and earthquakes.

6. Iglo home

The building is overgrown with grass diatapnya, this house is a cottage which is set in the coastal region Kvivik, Faroe Islands.

7.Rumah Stawberry

See very cute, this house called home since its design exactly with strawberry fruit strawberry. The house is located in Tokyo, Japan.

8.Rumah Waterfalls

If you want to enjoy the outdoors, the house may plunge is a concept that can be copied to create a home. This home is located in Pennsyvania, USA arsiitektur designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The house was deliberately built under the waterfall.

9. Home Tong

If you see this house maybe we could see a large vat that is not filled, but this is a wooden barrel house that serves to preserve the wine. This home is located in Michgan, USA.

10.Rumah Shells
The latest was that resembles a house with shells. The house is complete with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. This house is the design of Senosiain Arquitectos in Mexico.

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