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(Tulisan 6) Step (TUTORIAL) make Mask From Paper

Step (TUTORIAL) make Mask From Paper
Art craft of making masks is common is often done by children in elementary school. A wide range of materials that can be used in making masks, among others; pulp paper, wood, gypsum or even fibergalss.
At this discussion will describe how to create a mask using basic ingredients used newspapers are then processed into pulp. The trick is as follows;

1. Prepare tools and materials, among others; plasticine, newsprint, glue fox, carton size 30x30cm, painting paint brushes, plastic buckets, blender.2. Make the desired character models face using clay on cardboard, cardboard serves as a coaster plasticine so flexible in the process.3. Once the model is formed of old newspapers cut into small sections and then soak them in a plastic bucket for 20-30 minutes.4. Next step is to smooth the pieces of old newspapers that have been soaked before using the blender. Put little by little the pieces while the glue is also included occasional fox as if the mask has dried amplifier later.5. Having felt pretty smooth, prepare and paint brushes painting models.6. Marinate the model using the pulp using a thin paint brush painting, then cover with a tissue and dry. Repeat this process until the thickness of the mask felt pretty.7. Once the mask thickness felt quite thick and has dried, the mask of treated pulp is ready, willing pakah decorated with ornaments or accessories added as a sweetener such works.8. Creativity process is complete, easy right now, good luck at home!
If mastered how to make masks using paper pulp, try to explore the use of other materials that are around by utilizing materials that can be recycled, in addition to producing work also helped protect the environment. Next will discuss how to make the canvas.
Reflika face mask is used on the face to portray a character. Usually used to mask mask dance performances in bringing certain roles. Masks are also often used by children to play with others, such as clowning and scare her. Various character mask frequently encountered, no scary faces, funny faces, old faces, sad faces, and there is also a face / face animal.Shape mask can be made with a variety of media / materials, in ataranya of wood, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, paper, and others. Here let's learn to make masks with the use of waste paper. To make a mask with paper materials must first be made a reference / mold from clay. Mold should not be made too fine, make faces unique and funny.Materials required in making paper masks, among others: one kilo gram of paper, paper glue of flour, water and paint colors. The tools needed for making paper masks, which molds from clay, scissors, brushes, and buckets.How to make a paper mask:

Take the prepared mold and start making masks. For the first layer of paper, take the paper as wide as face masks to be created and dip it in water, then affixed to the surface of the mold is slowly following the cup shape of the mold. The second paper layer and so on, using small pieces of paper and were attached with glue so strong. During attachment of paper, note and follow the curve of doing a face mask in order to form a mask mold evident.
After completion of stage pasting paper, jemurlah and aired in order to mask dry form. When the mask is dry remove the paper lining from the mold and trim the edges with scissors.
Stages of finishing, painting the face mask according to the color of the character you want, for example, eyebrows were black, orange lip color, with white skin, and so on. Type of colors used, may with oil paints or watercolors (acrelyc). After completion of given color and when warnya is dry, put a hole in the eyes and nose to see and breathe for the wearer. On the edge of the left side near the right eye was given a rubber strap when used as a binder. TPG-kertas.jpg
In addition to the above, make a mask of waste paper can also dilakukangan way: paper processing into pulp which is then mixed with a glue made from starch. Applied to the surface of paper pulp mold / reference evenly mold the shape of the curve. Drain for some time to ease off ketas slurry coating of reference and further is colored in accordance with the wishes.

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