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(Tulisan 7) Field Size Futsal National and International Standard

Field Size Futsal National and International Standard


For national standard sizes are:
16 x 26 = 416 mtr mtr. The measure was taken of the size of the nets to the net, and for the size of the playing area, the size of 50 cm were taken again on all four sides so that the effective playing area 15 x 25 mtr = 375 mtr.
for more details see the image below:


     Mesh size is 16 mtr x 26 mtr
     Pink area is the area between the net and the white line is 50 cm
     Stripes green area is the main area of ​​effective

As for the international sizes are: Width field 18-25 mtr while the length is 38-42 mtr. Measure often used for international courts usually 20 x 40 mtr, but masing2 depending on the available land.

How much land is needed to build the first national standard football pitch?

If we want to establish a national standard pitch, then takes a 16 x 26 m = 416 mtr, is only a matter of futsalnya field alone, for buildings that should definitely be larger. Indoor futsal court at least require a minimum of 20 x 30 = 600 mtr mtr, the only building alone, not to mention land for parking, changing rooms, toilets etc.. At the very least, to accommodate all the needs of the land-side football pitch complete with parking, toilets, changing rooms etc. It takes at least 800 - 1000 mtr.

Then to the size of the post are as follows:

     3 mtr width
     2 mtr high
     Pole on the back 35 cm
     Pole back down to 50 cm

materials used are usually black pipe sizes 3 "for the pole and 2.5 'for the rear pillar.

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