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(Tulisan 8) baseball-softball


Known as baseball or baseball is a sport that is played two teams. Thrower (pitcher) from the team that throws trying to throw a ball called a baseball, while players (batters) from the team that beat trying to hit the ball using a bat (bat). The team that throws trying to catch a ball that was hit by a hit team that beat the team that turned into a throwing team. The team that gets hit numbers by running counter-clockwise direction to return to home plate after touching markers on the surface of the baseball field which is called the base.
Baseball is also referred to as hardball to distinguish it from softball.

What are differentiate dg Softball, how dg field
, The distribution of the players in the field and the size of the field,

basic game, and how to throw the ball Pitcher Pitching, 

The rest, can be seen and read a brief explanation on; h__p :/ / id.wikipedia.org / wiki / Baseball full or in wikipedia in English Idioms Idioms or other foreigners.

Softball is a sport ball or softball team consisting of 2 teams. Softball game was born in the United States, was invented by George Hancock in the city of Chicago in 1887. Softball is the development of a type of sport that is baseball (baseball) or hardball. Current softballs from 28 to 30.5 centimeters in diameter; ball is thrown by a pitcher (pitcher) and was subjected to an opposing player who hit the (batter's) using the bat (bat). There is a team that just (defense) and the team that beat (offense). Each team competed to collect points (run) way around the three series of markers (base) runners to reach the final marking home plate.
There are three types of softball games:

* Fast pitch softball is a game determined by the pitcher. Pitcher throws the ball at maximum speed, similar to baseball. There are differences in the style and manner pitcher throwing the ball release. The release of the ball is below or equal of the glove position. * Modified pitch softball or commonly known as modball. Its main purpose is to soften the rules used in the category of fast-pitch so the players are not used to not be surprised by the rules "tight" like the strike zone in softball, the distance between the base, the length of the game and others. Speed ​​pitcher in modball is between fast and slow pitch. Ball speed is limited by the arm round the shoulder beyond. * Slow pitch softball makes it easy for batters to hit the ball. Batter was given the ball by the pitcher constantly until I can hit the ball. Pitcher bounced softly. The game is often played in the social community as a competition, without being limited age and gender.
Regarding the size of the field, the difference dg Baseball, shape and size of the ball,

Different Bat (Bat),
Pitching motion,

and the rest can be listened to and read on; h__p :/ / id.wikipedia.org / wiki / Softball

Overview General Playing Rules of Baseball Finally after eagerly and work hard to write, I try to give a glimpse into the general rule of playing Baseball.
DNG can hopefully easy to understand, for teman2 who have not and are new to Baseball or Softball.

We apologize if there are shortcomings. And please feel free to add.

1. Field, & Outstanding Defensive Player (Defensive Team)

Baseball or Softball field has the form ¼ circle. Every good team defensiv or offensiv-team field in the game consists of 9 players. Usually in an official match, the home side started the game as a defensive team first. All nine defensive players (players that white uniform, within image) occupies a position that has been defined and governed or determined by his team, namely; 3 players occupied territories Outfield (rear defense area, the Right-fielder, center-fielder and Left -fielder), and 4 of those players occupy Infield area (the area defensive front / inside, the-man 1st Base, 2nd Base-man, Shortstop, and 3rd Base-man), plus 2 players that are very important, namely Pitcher (Thrower Pitching who are in the midst Infield, Pitcher's usually standing on the Mound) and Catcher (catcher ball Pitching, who sat squatting behind home plate that faced dng Pitcher is approximately 18.5 -19 m).
While the team's offense or opposing players, while being outside of or in addition to the field in place of each team (Dugout). Tim offens / Beater, advancing one by one alternately and sequentially as a beater / Batter (players who dressed as blue in the figure) in keeping with the order hitter who has previously determined, to start the game, standing in the Batter's Box next to home plate. (See caption field that green within the first post you know about "Getting to Know Baseball" to see the layout Batter'box & Home plate) and try to hit the ball as good as possible to the game so that teams can not catch the ball Defense punches. Base ball punch that produces that is not caused by an error / mistake from the defense team, called HIT. And so on, as well as to the next hitter, the game will be changed to the Defense team managed to make 3 OUT offense team (3 people OUT either Batter or Runner). 

1 round or rounds in Baseball / Softball called inning, when each team has alternated doing 1x 1x defense and offense.
2.Pitcher (Thrower)

The game starts from Pitcher, who served throws fast balls, as smart and as accurately as possible, so that the opposing player (hitter / hitters) may not be able to hit the ball throw. Partner "Catcher", usually signaled / code that should be thrown ball pitcher, according to the weakness-hitter, good ball that slow, fast, or turn a trick though, in keeping with the tricks mastered Pitcher Pitching reply.

3.Pemukul (Hitter) & Strike Zone

One roll "Strike" will be calculated only for profit and Pitcher, generally if; - Throw the ball right in the "Strike Zone" and not hit either in-swing or not by Batter - Throw the ball outside the "Strike Zone" or "Ball" and ill hit although in-swing by Batter - Batter hit by ball throw, but missed "Foul Ball" or the exit area of ​​the game "Foul Territory".

Strike Zone is an area of ​​"imagination box" purpose pitch that Home Plate width width and height defined between the knee s / d front of the elbow-Beater / Batter. (See Figure 3 above, seen from the view of the graph-Pitcher). Is Pitcher throws into or out "Strike Zone", all determined by the decisions Plate Umpire (officer who wears a light blue costume behind the catcher, in the picture).


Each bat was given 3 times a chance to hit the ball from the pitcher. If the pitcher throws the ball 3 times managed to fit exactly into the Strike Zone without being hit by the hitter, then si-hitter / hitters declared "OUT" and should be out of the field back to the Dugout. In the example shown images pitching, "Strikes", which was decided by the Plate Umpire by moving his hand.
Strike Zone area definition, could again see Point 3 above.

5.Tujuan hitters hit the ball and goal

Assignment of the-bat / Hitter is, try your best and hit the ball as far as possible to the game of "Fair Territory", as that shown by the yellow line reply. If the ball is hit reply (to the red line) out of the game area "Foul Territory", it is considered as a calculated blow that failed and "Strike" advantage for Pitcher. After the ball was hit, the hitter must release "Bat" ground and ran towards the Base, as far and as much as he could accomplish that Base (in the direction that the blue arrow), and try not to in-OUT-kan (eg Tag Play) by team Defense. Each player Offense (Hitter / Runner), who made it to the 4th Bases (back to Home Plate) and continue on the next at bat, he has managed to create 1 point for his team. If a hitter / hitters, can hit hard and far exceeds the distance "Out Field", then he can easily reach all up to return to the Home Base Plate without having in-out-out by a team of Defense, and he managed to donate 1 point, and deserve the title of "homerun" for his team. (See yellow line "homerun")


Because the ball "Strikes" often also so easy to hit by hitters, so sometimes releasing Pitcher Pitch or throw a ball outside the Strike Zone for the spit-hitter, and force them to swing "Swing" or hitting the bad balls (Balls). However, this is not to overdo it, because if the pitcher throws 4 times do outside Strike Zone (Balls) and hitters do not be fooled and do not swing or punch, then after 4 Balls si-hitter / hitters allowed toward first base, without having to hit the ball advance (Free Walk - an advantage for hitters). To that end, Plate Umpire duty also count "Count" between "Balls" and "Strikes" which occurs in every pitch. Duel between Hitter and Pitcher will end, if; - Hitter "OUT" for 3 times can not hit the ball Strikes. Or - Friendly and Hitter-free toward first base as pitcher has done 4 times Balls, Or - Hitters hit the ball to the area of ​​the game, and continues to be Runner. - Hitters hit by "Wildpitch" Pitcher either intentionally or unintentionally, and may Hitter and freely toward first base. This sort of thing is called the "Hit-by-pitch"


Every hitter who has hit the ball into the area of ​​the game, continues as a runner (Baserunner). He tried to run as fast towards the Base, as far and as much as he accomplished Base can reply, as long as players try to capture and control the Defense blow hitters and threw the ball back to the other defenders "infielder" for OUT-right-clicking and securing Runner game. If the runner reaches 1st Base least, before the player throws the ball to an infielder Defense 1st Base-man, then managed to get a runner on base and stand first and then wait for the next hitter who will hit the ball. At each Base Runner occupies only allowed one of each Base. Baseball in the game, during the live ball (Play Ball) baserunner allowed and can at any time leave the base, without relying on a pitching motion to steal Base (Base Stealing) run toward the next base. This is in contrast with Softball Games, where the state of the ball in the hands Play Ball Pitcher Pitch zone region circle, stand still baserunner on base until the pitch was waiting for the throw.

8.Force Out

Offense team players declared OUT Similarly, if the Defense teams managed to control the ball which hit Hitter and quickly threw on 1st Base-man who mastered Base, before the runner reaches 1st Base. Because Hitter forced to flee, after he hit the ball to the game, and less rapidly with the ball that first captured by the 1st Base Base-man in it, we call it "Force Out". Is the ball or runner who reaches first base, it was decided by the Field Umpire (in the picture, standing hand picked & blue costume).


A baserunner with risks, may at any time abandon basenya and strive to reach the next base, without waiting for the results of Punch Hitter his teammates, trying to turn it off before the players Defense "OUT" by Tag Play. Because Runner with this effort and intends to reach the next base without the knowledge of a team of Defense, then it is called "Base Stealing".


Another case, if Hitter / Runner made it to the base before the ball is caught Base infielder in his, then he got the "Safe" and be silent standing in the Base distinguished achievement. In this case, continue to the next hitter and baserunner in front of him for trying to help me reach the next base. In pictures look anyway, Field Umpire Safe signaled by opening or expanding left and right hand.

11.Double Play

Difficult thing Defense team, shutting down two opposing players (Offense) Double Play once was, even 3 players at once (Triple Play). Because each base can only be occupied by one baserunner, then every ball that was hit by player 1 HIT team, baserunner who exactly was forced to vacate the front should dng Base (which will be achieved before Hitter or Runner) to the Base-next, it's called (Force Play ). For example, a previously established baserunner at 1st Base, after the ball is struck by the subsequent HIT Hitter 1 team of his friends, then he should be forced under any circumstances and reached 2nd Base, although the probability is very small. Tim defens in this case, can be tried first clicking-control ball and throw the ball to 2nd base to turn off at 2nd Base Runner without Tag Out and the next as quickly as possible to throw the ball to 1st base as well as lethal hitter who ran to 1st base without doing Tag Out. Likewise, the Triple Play.

A winner in Game Baseball is a team that peaked after 9 innings (last inning) finished.
Baseball in the game usually does not apply SERIES numbers, if both teams have the same number or SERI in the final last inning, then the game will be continued in the next inning, until one team has the highest rate at the end of extra inning.
After the game, both teams ended up with each other or shake hands clapping (TOS) as a sign of our sportsmanship.

Umpteen course, review the General Rules Baseball play.

Please corrected and added if necessary .. May be useful ya ..

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