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(Tulisan 9) Basketball Field Size

Basketball Field Size

Before entering the stage of sample ukurang basketball knowledge is certainly the latest news first that should be monitored is the location which makes ukurang basketball arena should be adjusted to the basketball court that you want to create a very nice look and also in making it will be noticeably faster when the location who want to serve as the arena where basketball games and matches seseuai field example you make a guide, because it is very mementukan all proceeds from the basketball court making.
Therefore to complete the example or guide you in making the basketball arena with international stadar no harm in passing on the basketball court ukurang examples are presented below to reference where if you want or want to make a place to play basketball arena. and let's just be listened to his scene as they become available beriku this.
Basketball Field Size===========================
Basketball court is rectangular. Parts of the basketball court is the main field, the area penalty shot, reflective board, buffer and baskets. For completeness permianan, basketball size was determined.

1. Basketball Field: 28 meters x 15 meters. This size limit is calculated from the next line. In the middle of the field, there is a circle with a radius of 1.80 meters. For the size of the circle, his fingers measured from the outer circle line.

Basketball Field Size
2. Penalty Shot line. This shot is a line in the conditional. The size of this area can be seen in the picture below

In the penalty shot line Basket
3. Bounce board. Reflective board made of wood or other material of the same nature, is 3 cm thick boards. Reflective board size 1.80 meters x 1.20 meters. In the middle of the board there is a line of reflection in rectangular frame with a size of 0.59 meters x 0.45 meters.

Basketball Bounce boards
4. Pole mountings. Or simpei poles made of iron with a diameter of 20 mm. Simpei standing at a height of 3.03 meters above the floor.

Buffer pole Basketball
5. Basketball. Basketball is made of synthetic rubber and coated materials. Circumference between 75 cm ball s.d. 78 cm, and weighs between 600 grams s.d. 650 grams. Standard provisions of the ball and when filled with air is reflected when a hard floor from a height of 1.80 meters-tall ball will bounce between 1.20 meters sd 1.40 meters.


That infomasi the sample size of a basketball court international standard that can be admin share for you all. Hopefully with the example of a basketball court ukurang above would certainly be useful for you all ...

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